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      Drainage network
      Bentonite Waterproof Blanket
      Drainage plate
      Tensile net
      SQ Series
      Safety Fence
      Grassing Grid
      Planting Bag
      vegetation Geonet
       Shandong Zibo Xincao Dump
       Shanghai luchao port phase 2
       Guizhou ChiTianHua group landfill
       Fujian Quansan Freeway QA1 Mark
       Sri Lanka Colombo Landfill Engineering
       Fujian Quansan Freeway QA5 Mark
       Shanghai waigaoqiao harbor area 6 Area
       Beijing century JinJian apartment

      Shandong Yingfeng Building Materials Co., Ltd was established in 2007, and specializing in plastic net’s production and development. In order to adapt to the needs of customers higher, we gradually obsolete the old machine from 2008 and imported modernization production line from UK, mainly produce the Engineering series, the agricultural garden series,the filter series and so on. Till 2010, all the machines were new imported to meet the production requirements. Along with the new equipment, new production technology can be applied, the product technical indexes in the forefront of the industry. With the increasing of export business and the quality of the attention, the company and in 2011 introduced a new laboratory equipment, combined with production and research and development of new products.

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